Learning British

31 Jan

In addition to Turkish, I am learning British.

We’ve been asked many times, why did you choose the British School for your children? The answer is quite easy, why move half way around the world and fraternize only with Americans.  But truly, one of the perks of BESA is that there are Brits there. 

My entire “knowledge” of British people comes from books, television, film, and music.  Once, I got stuck in standby-hell for a couple of days in London and some friendly flight attendants took me in.  We waited all day at Gatwick for our flights and when we didn’t get a flight, they would take me out drinking at night.  Honestly, aside from their kindness for housing me, I remember very little of those Brits because I was cast as the “American” in all of the drinking games and was trying to represent.  Anyway, I digress.  Last night, Ella had a playdate with Miss Amelia “Millie” Spoor.  Dylan and I were also invited to a wonderful dinner in the company of the Spoor family. 

Since you probably don’t meet a British family every day, I decided to share a bit with all of you who associate the UK with Hugh Grant, Monty Python, and that awful Robbie Williams guy. 

Myth One:  They all have fantastic wit. So far, true.  Plus the fact that they say things like “fantastic wit” makes me laugh and enjoy their company.

Myth Two:  They have terrible teeth.  Not true- at least in Ankara. 

Myth Three:  The kids are advanced in school.  True.  School becomes compulsory at age 3 or 4 depending on your area, so they have been in “real” school longer and it shows.  Also they use words like “compulsory” and I think that makes them seem smarter.

Nomenclature Issue One:  Pudding does not mean pudding or “custard” as they would say.  Pudding means “dessert,” but that’s a French word and you can’t go about encouraging the French.

Cheerio, mate!  (They didn’t actually say “Cheerio”, but young Felix did use “mate” quite often)


2 Responses to “Learning British”

  1. Paul February 1, 2012 at 6:11 pm #

    Miranda (& Kevin) — Thanks so much for blogging about your adventures. It makes for great reading and makes it seem that my good friends aren’t quite half a world away. Below is the address of another blog I thought you might like. Its written by a former W&C associate also trying to adjust to a new environment with a distinctive language and strange religious practices (Alabama). She’s also coping by writing and cooking so I thought you might relate to it (she’s also a very entertaining writer). Enjoy.



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    […] may have read my earlier post on Learning British.  If not, you should.  I am in the continual process of trying to figure out what on earth my […]

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