Hello Ataturk

9 Feb

Last weekend we visited Anitkabir for our first Turkish “trip.”  The final resting place for Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the father of modern Turkey, was a great place to start our adventures.  Ataturk had both the vision and the power to create a nation out of tribes, sultanates, and caliphates.  If you enjoy history, look him up.  If you enjoy fiction, read Birds Without Wings.  Both will get you to about the same place.

We were very fortunate that the day was clear and not too cold- given our subzero weather these days.  Also, we happened upon the changing of the guard.  Unlike other monuments I have visited, here the guards change at every post, so it is sort of a parade around the whole facility until all the guards are relieved.   Dylan could not get enough of the soldiers and the formal air of the place.  He stood at attention as the soldiers passed and as mentioned in his “column” paid his respects to the fallen leader.  Ella particularly enjoyed the dioramas and exhibit halls.  

To round out our experience, both children met fans.  Two teenage girls fawned over the kids the entire tour, taking pictures with them, kissing them, and insisting on buying them treats in the cafe.  I have heard of this happening with smitten Turks, but this was my first experience with it.  Ella was gracious, Dylan was not.    All in all it was a great welcome to Turkey.  Click here for more pictures of our day.


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