Too much of a good thing?

28 Apr


Spring is here and after a long hard winter, the people of Ankara are out in full force. Ankara is chock (from the Turkish çok) full of cafes and I have had my fill of them this past week.

Ulludağ opened down the street from us with a playground so we can enjoy our meal while the kids play. House Cafe had the most delicious house lemonade that we spiked with Raspberry vodka.


A breakfast at Cafe Mis, a lunch at Big Chef, a lovely dinner at Balikchoy, and drinks at the British Embassy pub rounded out my week. As lovely as it was, I might have overdone it a bit. What I thought was a hangover is actually a fever and cold. Oops.

Hopefully by Monday, I’ll be feeling better because the sun is shining and there are more cafes to conquer!


One Response to “Too much of a good thing?”

  1. Mom April 28, 2012 at 9:08 pm #

    You may just be allergic to Spring!

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