Time to escargot go…

14 Jun


Coming to Turkey, I never imagined we would run into so much wildlife. 

I mean we had been warned about the wild dogs.  But no one told us that a lot of the wild dogs were really cute and that we would have to fight the instinct to grab them and take them home. [Note to self: remembering the cost to fly a dog transatlantically is a good thing to keep in mind in these instances].  Most recently, Kevin met a few canine friends on a run, literally ran into a fox on the same run, and then tried to bring the pack leader, who he promptly named “Kos” (Turkish for run), home with us from Cappadocia.  So the dogs, I get.  And I guess you always expect to see a few stray cats (our building’s cats are Nurse, Poofy, and Wiz Khalifa).  But would you expect to be driving down the road and see an ostrich?  Or sitting at soccer with the giant snail above?  Or racing the school walkway with tortoise or two?  I am guessing no.  Click here to see pictures of roosters, wild pigs, rabbits, geese, the aforementioned ostrich, and more.

As we head for Istanbul tomorrow, I can’t help but wondering what strange creature awaits us…


2 Responses to “Time to escargot go…”

  1. amycandrews June 20, 2012 at 3:25 pm #

    Oh my! Better your family than ours. Ayla is still extremely skittish around all animals and I think we’d be in for a heap of trouble with all of that wildlife on the loose. 😉

    • mkmz2873 June 20, 2012 at 6:28 pm #

      Even we have had some issues. For instance, Ella was terrified of the snails at Hieropolis. They were every where and you couldn’t walk without crunching them. Gross.

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