The Black Sea is Blue, Very Blue.

21 Jun

When my parents were here in May, we took a day trip to the Black Sea and there were a couple of surprises along the way.   First, the mountainous road was under construction, so we crept up along on a dirt road for MILES.  MILES.  Did I say MILES?  The second surprise was that, hark, the Black Sea is not black.  It is incredibly blue.  I mean it isn’t as clear as the Aegean, but it is bluer than about any other sea I’ve seen.  And Amasra, though small is a gem of a town situated on a sliver of a peninsula with a harbor on either side. 

Upon arrival, we enjoyed the ever present exercise machines ( I really do need to blog about them…) before heading into the heart of town.  We settled on a recommended restaurant with fabulous views and yummy food.


With full bellies, we walked across to the harbor and hired a boat.  We headed out into the wild blue (not black) yonder.  Like so many in the Turkish hospitality industry, the captain was great.  Dylan got to drive the boat, both kids feed the gulls, he caught jellyfish so we could see for ourselves that they didn’t sting, and he made the best Nescafe I have ever had. 

Amasra was a great change of pace and a wonderful place to just chill.  To see all of our pictures from Amasra, click here.


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