What I Bought Today for $14.00 or How Turkey is Ruining Me For A Normal Life

28 Jun

I haven’t written much about the food here in Turkey, because generally speaking, there isn’t much to say. There is Turkish food and more Turkish food. Turkish food is like Greek food without most of the good stuff. Think meatballs and assorted meat without sauces. There are some yummy mezes (tapas-like starters), good fish at the coast, and baklava, but that is about it… unless we are talking about produce and then all bets are off.

Tomorrow I am making sangria, gazpacho, and salad, so today I headed to the grocery store. I got deliciously fresh peaches, oranges, strawberries, cherries, figs, giant figs, romaine and bib lettuces, arugula, garlic, tomatoes, mint, watermelon, and bread- all for $14.00. I am completely ruined for America’s over-priced, flavorless produce. Sigh…

And I haven’t even mentioned Turkey’s honey, olives, and nuts. Turkey might make me a vegetarian yet.




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