What to expect from a roadtrip in Turkey

15 Jul

You might be on a road trip in Turkey if:
-the “road” is only partially paved and has no lane markings;
-you see actual mule carts on the highway, often;
-you are almost run off the “road” by some driving 100 mph, often;
-there are more tractors on the road than cars, and definitely more tractor than car dealerships in the towns;
-pasture animals are out of the pasture on the shoulder of the “road” just hanging out;
-men ride side-saddle on the backs of their friends mopeds, smoking or talking on the cell phones on the highway;
-there is nary a western-style toilet in sight;
-trucks carry impossibly high, barely secured, and precariously balanced loads;
-you are surrounded by orchards and fields full of produce (thus the tractors); and
-the scenery is magnificent.

Today on the first leg of our drive down to the Mediterranean coast, we saw all of this and more. Namely a highway that just ended, despite maps and GPS to the contrary, which required us to go all the way back around a mountain.



Along the much longer way, we ran into something new to us, but quite popular in this region. I like to call it the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The cab-less vehicle looks remarkably like the star of the Disney film of the same name. These, however, are not particularly quaint, go very slowly, and are often laden with people and produce. Look what fun!


Thankfully we made our way to Eğidir in time to take a dip in the gorgeous and gigantic lake.



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