Insalata Caprese

13 Aug

Do any of you in Shreveport remember my sisyphus-like search for fresh mozzarella? I was obsessed. That was 2002.

Ten years later, I am once again in a world without mozzarella. Turks like cheese, don’t get me wrong. But sheep cheese and goat cheese, while having their place in the culinary world, don’t get me all tingly like fresh mozzarella does. Give me a gorgeous tomato, some aged balsamic, basil, e.v.o.o., a little salt and pepper, and I may begin to moan in pleasure. Without this delicious salad, summer just isn’t summer.*

Guess what I found today?


Yum. And then, there was none.


*For the record, I blame Warren Zolot and his wonderful meals in the Hamptons for my problem. God, I miss those weekends.


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