26 Aug

Our favorite day trip so far has been our boat tour of Kekova.  After a long and windy drive from our base in Kalkan and some challenging navigation of village parking, we found ourselves in the harbor of the quant little village of Ucagiz.  We found our captain and boarded our boat with our friends the Keartons and our first mate, free diving champion, Emre- aged 5.

Kekova, the name for the area we were exploring, is a protected area famous for its Lycian ruins.  Ucagiz, our embarkation point, was formerly known as Teimussa.  Teimussa had a large necropolis (aka cemetary) and you can see the Lycian style tombs on the cliffs and even in the water.


From Ucagiz/Teimussa we went east to Kalekoy, a town accessible only by water.  The harbor is in a protected cove and also sheltered by an island.  The town and its Kale (“castle”) is perched on a hill.  None of the kids were excited by the steep climb on a day on a scorcher of a day, but Dylan did enjoy playing at the top.  He was trying to get pirates, which we have learned were a huge scrouge along the whole coast in 1st and 2nd centuries B.C.  After the climb, we had some of the town’s famous homemade ice cream and boarded our ship. 

 After Kalekoy, we were headed to what Kevin and I had really been looking forwarSunken Cityd to… the Sunken City!  Simena was a Lycian village that sunk into the sea during an earthquake in 2 A.D.  Well, it was cool, but underwhelming.  You are precluded from motoring near or climing on the site, so you see some staircases and old walls, but not intact columns, etc. which is sort of what I was expecting.  Oh well, it was still lovely.

The rest of the trip was island hopping, swimming, and snorkling.  There are ruins everywhere and we even saw the remains of a Byzantine church at Tersane Bay.  It was a great day and I would place it high on this list of things to do when in Turkey…


For more pictures, click here.


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