Ex-pat exotic

6 Oct

I sat down to catch up on this blog and was shocked to see that it has been over a month since I had posted. What have I been doing that has kept me away? Just life (and rolling blackouts the last few days). Despite what it might seem like from our travel photos and what you may be following in the news, most of the time, we are just going about our daily lives in Ankara. What does that look like you might wonder? Probably a lot like your life.

September in Ankara:

The week before school started was a whirlwind of school uniform shopping and tailoring, last call play dates, trips to the pool, and a huge grocery shop to stock up on lunch supplies. We did take a day trip to Gordion (of knot fame) and saw the tomb of King Midas. But all of the running around made me wish I had booked a last week by the beach. Alas, my free beach digs are on the other side of the earth. Sigh.

School started on Labor Day and the kids (and all the stay at home moms) were elated. Being in a small school has its advantages and the kids were happy to be back with their classmates from last year. Dylan also was lucky enough to have his love, Ms. Hesna, teaching him again. He, however, wasted no time in telling the school nurse that she was sexy. He’s keeping his options open. Ella joined a “Rock & Pop Singing” club and spends her afternoons singing “Let It Be” and “Call Me Maybe”. She is also practicing catch often with Kevin and actually seems to be coordinated. She has chosen not to play soccer this fall because she wants to focus on basketball. Perhaps being born to Duke fans during March Madness may have been auspicious.

Kevin is working on interesting stuff and getting a feel for diplomacy in action. I am filing my days with writing the US Embassy ex-pat newsletter, being overly involved in the kids’ school, grocery shopping, grumpily doing housework, and collaging. Yes, collaging. Oh yeah, and I cook now, too. If it were a game, I would have collected my US, Mexican, Chinese, and Italian pie pieces. Working on soups, more Turkish dishes and thinking about Thai.

What is on tap for October?

The weather is starting to turn and we have settled back into a school year routine. Kevin is going back to Charlotte for a week (I am very jealous). We have to submit our absentee ballots which arrived last week. And we are off for a weeks vacation towards the end of the month. Dylan is voting for the beach, with the caveat that I limit visits to ruins; Ella is voting the mountains; I had voted Southeastern Turkey (near Syrian border), but now is not really a good time for that trip. So, Kevin will be the deciding vote. Look for the pictures in November.

And now you are all caught up, and I have to get to the grocery store to buy bathroom cleanser. So much for exotic living. 



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