Not alot to say about Eilat

31 Jan

Eilat, Israel

I guess I should back up a bit and set the scene.

Here in Turkey, while we live closer to many exotic locales, closer is a relative term.  I like to explain that we are Middle East adjacent, or proximate to Europe.  It is still not close.  So in order to see some of what the area has to offer, we opted to take a cruise in the Red Sea.  A day here a day there was not a bad way to conquer a lot of territory, but you are left with some lackluster ports like Eilat.


At Eilat Aquarium


Eilat is Israel’s Red Sea port.  The town is maybe six miles wide and borders Egypt on one end and Jordan on the other.  Many cruisers use it as a jumping off place for day trips to Jerusalem and other parts of the country.  We decided to just hang and spent the day at the Aquarium.  The Red Sea has awesome reefs right off the coast.  The aquarium makes good use of that.


Actual TurtleElla Turtle

Other notable things in Eilat… There is something called Eilat stone, which is blue and indigenous only to this region.  I had the best hummus ever, which was garnished with sautéed mushrooms.

For more pictures click here!



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