Karnak, not Carnac* (though I like him, too)

1 Mar


Monumental (adj.) : 1. Great in importance,  extent, or size;  2. (of a work of art) Great in ambition and scope;  3. What Miranda deems the Temple of Karnak.

Believe it or not, I try to be witty with my posts.  With Karnak, I can’t really be witty because I was so in awe of the place.  If there were one place in Egypt that I would return to visit, I would say this is it (more on why not the Pyramids later).  The Temple Complex at Karnak was built over several hundred of years.  Each ruler added his or her (remember Hatshepsut) mark on the place.  When operating, the complex was very close to the banks of Nile and connected to the Luxor temple down the road.  Now, only a fraction of the complex is open to tourists, but there is still a lot to see.

Karnak Collage

There are hieroglyphics everywhere, the statuary is stories tall, the columns- still standing and several feet wide.  Recently, I have been in enormous houses of worship (Aya Sofia), seen two of the Seven Wonders of the World (Giza and Temple of Aphrodite), and generally been impressed and humbled.  But, at Karnak, I felt puny, which I assume was the point.  Anyway, enough babbling.  See more pictures here and put it on your bucket list.

*As I kid, I used to put envelopes to my head and make stuff up.  I still make stuff up, just sans the flourish of the envelope.  Love Johnny Carson.


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