Shiny Objects

9 May

If you know me, you might say that I am distractible.  Personally, I think it is part of my charm, others may not be so generous.  Regardless, it is me.

I admit it, I have been distracted.  Distracted by birthdays, by school plays, by amazing trips, and welcome visits.  Distracted by bad weather, and worse weather.  Distracted by tragedy and dead car batteries.  Just plain distracted.  So if you were holding your breath for a new post, you are probably dead by now.  Sorry, I really did like you.

After a brief trip home last week, which I may blog about at some point if I do not become distracted, my friends and family asked time and time again, “Why haven’t we seen more pictures?” “Where are the stories about your trips?” “Did Dylan stop being funny?” “Is Ella still taking pictures?”

Um, I was distracted. But point taken.  We have less than 100 days left in Ankara and along with training for a swim, a marathon, and packing us up, I am going to try and catch you up.  Unless of course, I get distracted.



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