Is this the beginning or the end?

3 Jun

On the way to school this morning, we saw the street cleaners sweeping up tear gas canisters.  There were scorched spots on the street.  Street lights and lamp posts were missing.  And the ubiquitous Turkish flags were even more prominent.  What a wild and crazy weekend, but now is it back to business?

What they are reporting is true.
The crowds, the tear gas, the bonfires, the riot police, the jubilant faces, the pots and pans, the flags, the flashing lights, the honking horns, and the national anthem.  We were caught up in it briefly Saturday night and were astounded by the positive, national pride, parade-like feeling of the protests.  It’s playing out here in Ankara, like it is in over 60 other cities in Turkey, and in major cities around the world. Every afternoon it starts around 2 and keeps on going until 1 or 2 the next morning.

To be here witnessing this show of national solidarity is nothing short of amazing.  To watch a country peacefully rise up against government they no longer believe in.  To see the relief that comes with taking a deep breath after holding it for so long, the joy at feeling comfortable to say out loud what you have whispered.  It is exhilarating and contagious.

What they aren’t reporting on is the weather.
It has been incredibly hot and windy here the past few days. Last night amidst the parade-like protests, large trees were blown over.  It was noticeably cooler this morning as we passed those cleaning up from the parade-like protests of last night.  The dark clouds are moving rapidly; obscuring, then revealing, the sun.  There is clearly a storm brewing.  I know I am not the only one watching the sky to see if this particular storm is coming or if this will all blow over.

The helicopters are starting to circle, as I write.   It will be 2pm soon and we will see…


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